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Myndro is a mental wellness platform helping people foster their mental well-being with the support of the nation's top experts.

Myndro operates with a global network of mental health professionals through rigorous onboarding and verification processes. And by reviewing their official records and other necessary documents, we ensure that each professional/practitioner is licensed and accredited. Moreover, we have a dedicated team to ensure that our mental health professionals have extensive experience in their respective fields. We do not employ interns who are not fully licensed or still working under someone's supervision.

Yes! We have an integrated communication system for users to connect with mental health professionals. Providing a secure and safe environment for our users is the utmost priority. Therefore, we are not dependent on any third-party communication tools.

You'll receive a link via a notification on the portal. Just click on the link, and it will connect you to your respective experts. During live interaction, if required, you can also share/upload documents regarding your previous health history, ongoing medications, etc. Please be assured that no unauthorized party will be able to see any data or records you share/upload. It's all completely encrypted.

Absolutely yes.! In such a case, we'll give you a full refund, or instead of that, you can also get a refund in the form of rewards and redeem codes, which you can use anytime you wish.

We endeavour to create a world where mental health is given as much importance as physical health.

Of course, your identity is fully confidential on Myndro. You can visit the website anytime, anywhere to connect with mental health experts without revealing who you are.

Myndro is a one-stop destination to foster your mental well-being with the help of the nation's top mental health experts. Well, Myndro services are classified into three divisions. (A) Medical Masters, which includes psychiatrists and psychologists. (B) Counsellors, which includes various mental wellness specialists. (C) Real Life Coaches, which includes mentors and coaches like mindset mentor, success coach, and many more.

Myndro does not sell subscription-based plans. We offer Pay-As-You-Go/Pay-As-You-Use pricing model. You just need to make payments depending on the service charges shown on the respective mental health expert's profile. That's it.