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Workplace happiness is an important part of everyone's life. Myndro recognises the need of improving the workplace in order to get greater results. And the most crucial factor in this is the employees' mental health. Keeping this in mind, Myndro has created a Corporate Happiness program (CHP) that is specifically developed to promote employee mental health under the supervision of a highly qualified team of psychologists, psychiatrists, counsellors, and real-life coaches

Our Program Features

Module Based Program

100% Safe And Secure

Offline therapy Sessions

Complete Customizable

24/7 Helpline Number

Personalized Help

Experiential Learning

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Why Choose CPC?

Creating a Happy work space

- While conducting group sessions with the staff, our counsellor ensure that they provide a safe, non- jugmental & happier work space.

Giving a platform to open up

- While conducting group sessions with During the sessions, each employees is given a platform and the opportunity to voice their concerns and respectfully listen to the struggles of other.

Providing personalised help

- Employees that need special attention will be advised for a one-on-one session by the respected expert.

Boost in productivity

- Happiness Positivity impacts on the productivty of individuals, teams and the organisation;

Save more time

-Reductions in the financial coasts of sickness,turnover,pooor,productivity,incivility,employee claims and benefits.

Help for all

- 24/7 help for the employees & their family members as well.

Happy minds lead to
happy business