Myndro – Uniting Experts, Healing Minds.

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Myndro is a mental wellness platform offering peer-to-peer, privacy-focused tele-psychotherapy & counselling services through the country’s top mental health professionals.


We offer extensive mental health support to people and meet their expectations through world-class therapists, psychiatrists, and counsellors.


To root out mind’s illness from people’s lives and encourage them to lead a healthy, happy and meaningful life.


We practice 100 % transparency with our clients. What we promise is what we deliver - A positive spin on your mental illness.


Preserving your personal details and counselling sessions with our experts safe and secure is our utmost priority. It’s unreachable to others unless you permit it.


We strive to free people from the cage of mental pressures and emotional difficulties. We take immense pride in helping communities to bring positive change by beating their mental illness.

Expert Associates

We have the country’s renowned mental health professionals with extensive hands-on experience in the realm of psychotherapy, psychiatry, counselling, and real life coaching. Offering quality service to you is our habit – we verify credentials and testimonials of our health professionals to ensure that we provide nothing less than the best.


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